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General Instrumentation
Miltex understands that common instrumentation for routine surgical needs must meet the same quality standard as all instruments. Our scissors, needle holders, forceps, and retractors are forged from the highest grades of surgical stainless steel and expertly crafted to perform as required by the most demanding clinicians.

Specialty Instrumentation
Our general instruments are fully complemented by an extensive selection of instrumentation for all surgical specialties. Whether for in-office dermatological procedures or cardiovascular surgery in the OR, Miltex is able to meet the full range of instrument needs for all surgical settings; including office-based surgery, outpatient surgery or that performed in the hospital operating room.

Premium Instrumentation
A number of important surgical instrument patterns have been enhanced by Miltex to afford additional clinical as well as economic benefit to the clinician. Our Tungsten Carbide jaws and scissor blades, SuperCut scissors, Ceram-A-Grip needle holders and a wide selection of delicate instrument patterns provides Premium instrumentation for demanding surgical requirements.

Integra Miltex CryoSolutions is an innovative yet simple device for delivery of liquefied nitrous oxide which allows the clinician to pinpoint the treatment site for rapid freezing and efficacious destruction of unwanted tissue.

Padgett Instruments
We are pleased to announce the introduction of Padgett Instruments by Miltex, a new partnership of two well respected names in surgical instrumentation.  These classic brands provide a combination of choice and quality unmatched by any other instrument company.  Two Great Brands……One Great Company! 

The Padgett and Miltex names are synonymous with premium surgical instrumentation manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel by skilled German craftsmen to exacting specifications.  The surgical “feel” of our instruments, the superb cutting ability, the smoothly beveled box locks and jaw edges which protect suture material from snags or cutting are just a few features that differentiate and make our products outperform and stand-out from competition.

Our new PADGETT Instrument Catalog features our expanded offering of over 1,500 new premium SuperCut and Tungsten Carbide instruments as well as forceps, rasps, retractors, dissectors, fiber optic, bipolar and other specialty instrument patterns. 

Our instrument selection recognizes and meets a variety of clinical needs for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery involving Breast, Face, Eye, Abdominal, Nasal, Maxillofacial, Cleft Palate, Hand and many other procedures.  In addition, these products are extensively used in Dermatology, Oral & Maxillofacial, ENT, Ophthalmology and General Surgery applications.

Instrument Care and Cleaning
A valuable inventory of surgical instrumentation deserves and requires careful maintenance. The Miltex line of instrument care and cleaning products are each carefully formulated to ensure the very best results from instrument reprocessing. Our goal is to provide the necessary products to restore your instruments to a like-new condition.

Surgical Disposables
A number of important surgical instruments and many diagnostic or therapeutic procedures are best accomplished using a disposable product. Miltex has carefully replicated the very best features of a reusable instrument to create a more convenient and economical disposable as well as introducing a new selection of single-use, in-office procedural tools.

Sterilization Containers/Stainless Steelware
The processing of surgical instruments has been significantly improved by the adoption of Sterilization Containers over wrapped trays or baskets. Miltex offers a full range of newly designed and high quality Containers for our customers.

As a complement to Containers, we have also expanded our offering of stainless steelware products to include greater choices of bowls, trays, jars, cups, as well as instrument stringers.

General Instruments

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Surgical Disposables

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