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Instructions For Use

Apex Locator, Mark-VII(TM)
Bipolar Forceps
Bone Mill Set IFU
Cannula, Endo Biopsy SoftFlex(TM) and FirmFlex(TM)
Care and Handling of Dental and Endodontic Devices
Care and Handling of Padgett Instruments
Care and Handling of Surgical and Dental Instruments
Catheters, Female and Catheter-Dilators, Walther
Cervical Dilator Set, Reusable
Cervical Dilators, Disposable
Chiropractic Mallet IFU
Collagen Membrane, HeliMend
Collagen Membrane, HeliMend Advanced
Collagen Wound Dressing, HeliTape, HeliCote, HeliPlug
Contra Angle, Ball-Bearing Spring Latch
Contra Angle, FG
Contra Angle, U, 75-12
Contra Angle, U, 75-15
CryoSolutions Cryosurgical Unit
Ear Syringe IFU
Endometrial Sampling Set Disposable Curette and Syringe
Erich Arch Bar
Fixation Pins, Steinmann Orthopedic
Forceps, Gynecological Surgical
Hemorrhoidal Ligator, McGivney
Integra Miltex Biopblade
Integra Miltex Dental Wax
Integra Miltex Integrator Chiropractic Adjusting Instrument
Integra Miltex LED Loupes Light Source, Portable
Integra Miltex Loupe Optics and Frame
Integra Sterile Single-Use Manual Surgical Instruments
Kirschner Wires
Laparoscopic Instrument Care and Cleaning
Membrane Tack Kit
Mirror, DenLite Illuminate
Mirrors, Reusable Dental
Packing, Nasal-Sinus
Padgett by Integra Miltex Aluminum Orthopedic Hand and Hand Fixation Device
Padgett by Integra Miltex Disposable Bipolar Instrument Cable
Pessary Fitting Set
Pessary Remover
Prophy Angles 75-20 and 75-22
Prophy Angles 75-28 and 75-30
Prophy Angles, Sealed Head
Reusable Cervical Dilator Set
Schiotz Tonometer IFU
Sterilization Containers, Integra Miltex, Ethylene Oxide (EO)
Sterilization Containers, Integra Miltex, Gravity Steam
Sterilization Containers, Integra Miltex
Sterilization Trays IFU
Superoxol IFU
Surgical Blades-Knives IFU_68E4000
Sutures, Coated, Braided Polyglycolid Acid, Absorbable
Sutures, Coated, Braided Silk, Non-Absorbable
Sutures, Plain and Chromic Gut, Absorbable
Syringe, Articulating Barrel
Syringe, Intraligamentary, N-Tralig
Syringes, Dental Aspirating
Syringes, Dental Self-Aspirating
Uterine Sound, Disposable
Vaginal Dilator Set Silicone