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Miltex, Inc. offers an extensive line of endodontic products, including hand instruments, hand files as well as rotary files, and accessory endodontic products.  Check out our revolutionary Liberator™ rotary nickel-titanium file, which features a patented straight blade design that will not self-thread.       

General Dentistry
Miltex, Inc. offers an impressive variety of general dentistry products, including syringes, burs and diamonds, gauges and dividers, as well as prosthodontic and restorative instruments and products.  Learn about our new Contact Perfect™ matrix bands that deliver consistently tight contacts for posterior composite restorations. 

Miltex, Inc. offers a complete line of hygiene hand instruments.  Our hand instruments have wear-resistant, razor sharp points and come in a variety of handle options.  Instruments are available in a stainless steel round #2, #4, or #6 handles, Thompson Tactile tone handles, GripLite® resin handles, and GripLite® S6 stainless steel handles. 

Oral Surgery
Miltex, Inc. offers a complete line of basic oral surgical products.  Our instruments are made of the finest quality German grade stainless steel which includes; extracting forceps, needle holders, scissors, dressing forceps, elevators, rongeurs, hemostats, and additional products. 

Miltex, Inc. offers an extensive line of products to meet the needs of dental lab technicians. Our offering includes the Gold Titanium Nitride lab burs, laboratory waxes, finishing and polishing disks and mandrels, base plates, lab knives and spatulas, and the stainless steel plaster nipper.

Miltex, Inc. offers an extensive line of orthodontic pliers, wire cutters, scissors, and wire.  Our instruments are of the highest quality and are available in a variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes. 

Product Care
Miltex, Inc. offers an extensive line of instrument care and cleaning products.  Our product care line includes the Thompson™ Cassettes, Silitone color bands, sharpening stones, instrument cleaner, instrument lubricant, and a variety of other care and cleaning products. 


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